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Top rated insurance advisor who focuses on saving you money

I love helping and educating people about insurance and financial products. If you have any questions about how Medicare works, or how to find the ideal insurance product that protects your lifestyle, please contact me. I’ll personally guide you through all the complexities and many misleading television infomercials. I know there are a lot of choices out there that can be overwhelming at times, but I’m ready to guide you step-by-step along the way and talk to you in layman's language that you can understand.

Why Choose Me as Your Lifetime Insurance Advisor:

  • Personal Attention: I provide personalized solutions that genuinely address your specific concerns, unlike others who provide only generic or robotic answers.

  • Professional Advice:  I recommend products based on your budget, needs, and health condition after a thorough needs analysis.

  • 30+ Years Experience: Three decades of experience in the same industry makes me an expert in my field and an advisor you can absolutely trust with your life.

  • Insurance Broker Advantage: I'm no longer a captive agent who deals with only one insurance company, but I represent all the major national & international insurance carriers with a variety of specialty products.

  • Product Knowledge: Through decades of experience, annual certifications, and continuing education based on my triple designations, I’m kept current on the constantly changing insurance trends and new product innovations and I update and upgrade my clients' coverage where applicable.

  • Insurance Mall: I do all the comparison shopping for you so you're able to select the most ideal insurance plan available in the market with great benefits that you can use.

  • Comprehensive Package: Whether you need medical insurance, dental & vision, life insurance, a college funding plan, or a retirement savings plan,  your TOTAL protection is my main concern. 

  • Lifetime Service:  I pride myself on continuing to provide excellent 24/7 service to my clients, even long after the sale.

  • Award-Winning Insurance Advisor:  I am the recipient of multiple national insurance trophies, plaques, and medals of commendation for my "outstanding sales and service" in my entire insurance career.

Above all, in addition to the summarized reasons above, you become my "Most Valued Client (MVC)" for life. 

Try me and you'll be glad you did. Any consultation or advice is free of charge with absolutely no obligation. In fact, you might be surprised at how much you can save (because saving you money is my specialty).

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Some of the world-class companies I represent





Anthem Blue Cross

Blue Shield of CA

Brand New Day


Clever Care

Health Net


Kaiser Permanente

LA Care

Molina Healthcare






United Healthcare / AARP


Medicare enrollment announcement

During the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) from October 15 to December 7 for Medicare Advantage (HMO & PPO) and Prescription Drug Plans (PDP), call me as early as possible, so I can help you choose the LATEST plan available in the market for the coming new year, based on your needs. I can assure you that whatever new plan I recommend to you, you will keep your original doctors (if you like them),  gain NEW benefits, and/or pay LOWER out-of-pocket costs.  


If I change your Drug plan, which will cover your prescriptions, you will pay a much lower premium and/or zero or lower copay.


If you have a Medicare Supplement or Medigap Plan, in the state of California only,  your Open Enrollment is your BIRTH month.  You can call me if your birthday is in October, November, or December.  Otherwise, contact me one month before your birth month next year. I can assure you that if you still have the "old plan prior to 2019", you are paying a very much higher premium. I can almost promise you a LOWER premium and greater BENEFITS if you let me do the work for you. I guarantee you will have exactly the same coverage that you presently enjoy, plus the additional benefits I promised. So, even if you are not in the best of health today, you can still switch companies (keep the same plan with an UPGRADE), as long as it is accomplished during your special birthday open enrollment. In other states, you can change companies for the same plan, but with a lower premium, but subject to medical underwriting guidelines which varies with each carrier. Just call me and I can pre-qualify you.

My specialties in a nutshell
  • Medicare Supplement/Medigap

  • Medicare Advantage 

  • Life Insurance

  • Annuities

  • Long Term Care

  • 401K Rollovers

  • IRA/ROTH IRA Transfers

  • Mortgage Protection Plan

  • College Funding

  • Real Estate Investment in CA & Phils.

News Flash

7 reasons you may need life insurance, even if you think you don't

  • Life insurance is crucial for anyone who financially supports a partner, children, or aging parents.

  • An average 20-something or 30-something nonsmoker can expect to pay between $10 and $50 a month for a term life policy depending on the coverage amount.

  • You'll likely pay more if you work a high-risk job or have extreme hobbies, but those risks alone are reason enough to get life insurance.

  • If you're self-employed, starting a family, or paying off debt, it's also a good time to consider buying life insurance...

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