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We provide solutions for all of your insurance and financial needs. Please contact SJ if you can't find what you're looking for.

Click underlined links below to get a quote, apply now, or to learn more.

Medical Insurance


Multi-Plan Carrier

Prescription Drug Plan

Dental, Vision and Hearing

International Travel Insurance

Life Insurance

Retirement and Real Estate Investements








  • ManhattanLife Direct (Health Supplemental Plans)

    • Out-of-Pocket Protection Plan (up to age 69 only)

      • Pays your deductibles & co-payments​

        • Webpage Location: 5th box 

    • Cancer Care Plus (Cancer & Dread Disease Insurance)

      • Pays your out-of-pocket expenses not covered​

        • Webpage Location: 2nd box​

    • Critical Protection & Recovery (up to age 64 only)​

      • Critical illness insurance policy​

        • Webpage Location: 3rd box​


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